technical characteristics of the project

During the design process, the internet and satellite data are used, as well as the requested data submitted by the client (yard images, reference images, video, etc.). As everything is done online, please be aware of certain limitations in technology use.

According to the above items, the project solution cannot be 100% accurate in showing the realistic site situation and dimensions (site slopes, dimensions, house shape, colours, etc). Those deviations should be minimal (approximately ± 10-15%) however, all dimensions need to be taken by the contractor directly on site before the construction and the project should be adjusted accordingly. Our design shows the best possible and aesthetically integrated spatial arrangement of various elements in your yard (plants, furniture, paving) that is absolutely usable for a valid quote request from the contractor with minor variations.

3D model of plants cannot be 100% look-a- like of the species listed in the specification, but we will always use plant models that are the most similar in shape, size and color to the proposed plants.

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I am familiar with all the details related to the design process from my application to the final design, which includes that I am also informed of what the final project contains. I am also familiar with the method and process of payment as well as with the technical characteristics and limitations that the project may have.