Elegant landscaping for the colonial house

Brantford, Ontario, CA

This Colonial beauty is set in a semi-rural Brantford area. It is placed on a big property, surrounded by the beautiful old trees with a generous set back from the street. We have enhanced the beauty of the house by adding a classic and elegant landscaping in front of it.  Garage roof was already cleverly dedicated for the balcony use, so we have screen it from the street view by a tall Cedar trees, incorporated with a front yard landscaping. Special attention was paid to the existing Japanese red maple on the side of the home by adding Creeping junipers underneath and a few boulders to create a contrast and make it even more prominent.  Existing pool at the back needed a new poolside environment as well as some space for the outdoor kitchen with dinning and lounge area. The old pool house was used for the outdoor kitchen and diamond-paving set in grass was designed for the dinning and outdoor living room area. Hot tub was placed closed to the sunroom’s entrance, for the convenient use during winter days.  Special, cottage style Fire pit and children play area were placed in a forest – like setting, closed to the existing trees. A few Cedars and creeping Cherry trees are providing the privacy and coziness.