Modern Classic landscaping for the old Toronto’s neighborhood

Toronto, Ontario, CA

We have enjoyed so much working on a Landscape Design for this gorgeous classic brick house.  Placed in one of the oldest and most prominent Toronto’s neighborhoods, modernizing it was a bit of a challenge as many of the homes are listed as Heritage Properties.  Adding a glass railing to the porch that won’t interfere with existing architecture and shaping planting areas in a more modern style, did wonders for this home’s curb appeal. Existing garage in the backyard was planned to be renovated and turned into a Garden room / Hangout space. What amazing idea! The theme was modern English garden style, as it’s a perfect fit with the architecture of the house.  For the sake of the low maintenance, artificial turf was proposed, as well as the low maintenance plants.  Beautiful existing fountain was saved and relocated closer to the Hangout space.  Retractable tends were added for the shade, as some permanent structures would take too much of the space (physically and visually) of this small backyard.  This backyard is a proof that you can have it all in a small space.  We just love it.