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Should I hire a Landscape Designer?

My backyard is a mess!

Your yard has a mish mash style and you have wondered many times if you should be hiring a Landscape Professional to help you out? You have tried to DIY your Yard but the results were never satisfying enough? From another side, Landscape Designers are too pricey, aren’t they?  You have seen the Landscape Design Plans many times and you just can’t imagine how is that going to look like once it’s done. Attached Mood boards are actually not shoving the exact designs, but just the overall feel of the future space. And, after all, your backyard is too small for any Designer to work on.

Does this sound’s familiar? It looks like you are in an endless loop of dissatisfaction with your yard and thoughts that Landscape Designer is unaffordable to you.

OK, let’s have a chat and clarify this situation.

My Yard is too small to hire a Landscape Architect or a Landscape Designer

First of all, there is no a project that is too small! No backyard is too tiny or not important or not interesting enough to became a project on its own! Good Landscape Designer will have a sound suggestion and design solution for open space of any size.  Quite often, small spaces are very interesting challenges, something like resolving the puzzle. So, size of your yard should be off the list as the reason not to hire a Landscape Designer. All you have to do is to find the right one for the job. Later, there will be more chat about finding the right Landscape Designer for your yard.

Why do I need a Landscape Designer when I like to DIY?

Being a handyman or a passionate gardener (or both!) is a great thing. Knowing your tools and how to construct a deck, or how to paint a fence comes in handy to save you money once your Yard Renovation starts. As well, being in love with gardening is amazing when planting and pruning comes in place. I just have a few questions:

  • Do you know the perfect shape, size or color of your future deck?
  • Did it ever happen to you that you just finished painting the fence (or anything else inside or outside your home), just to realize the color was too dark or too light? Or you have seen your neighbor’s fence and realized that his new dark gray fence looks just perfect with his white plaster on the house walls while you have used just the same dye as many years before? Suddenly, his yard is more modern and polished!
  • Have you ever done some new planting, but your plants just got burned by the sun or didn’t thrive as they were planted in the shady spot of your yard? Maybe it was all good for the first year or two, but once those plants grow to their full size, the picture you had in mind was just ruined. They became just too big and bulky for the area.

The list of questions like this is quite endless. Well, for all of those and many other similar reasons it’s a good idea to ask a professional to help you out. Landscape Designers have the knowledge on how to organize the space in the best possible way, as well, on how to design and fit perfectly every little detail. As well, all your DIY skills will come even more prominent once you have the design ready and you can plan every single step of the reconstruction (or just a touch ups) ahead of time. All doubts will be removed and all questions answered during Design Phase, so you can smoothly start working on your yard renovation.  This becomes super important when planning the yard renovation budget.

I just can’t visualize what was proposed on a Landscape Plan

For many people it’s a quite a problem to visualize the proposed 2D plan into the space. Not everyone has that kind of gift. It’s like expecting that everyone can sing nicely! Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Back in the old days (omg I can’t believe I am actually saying this!) all drawings were hand made. All 2D plans, as well as a 3D visualization. Layout Plans were somewhat easy to draw, while 3D drawings were always requiring a lot of patience, practice, great skills and talent, all in one person. As such 3D drawings and sketches were always pricey for the good reason. With a technology development, computers and various software development, making drawings has become easier and faster to the certain degree. Though, criteria for the quality and a paste at which the drawings are made have been changed a big time.  3D drawings are now made using various computer Softwares and final results can blow your mind. Some of them can be so realistic, that they literally look like the photos of the future.  Now, can you imagine looking at the photos or videos of your future yard? I’m quite sure it would be a ground breaking experience! Check this out…

Not having the budget for a Landscape Pro?

I hear you. You are convinced that you could use a Landscape Designer, but you have always thought that it would cost you a small fortune. Probably you were right to a certain degree, though good Landscape Designer is always a good investment, for all of the above noted reasons. However, though traditionally, Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects were on a pricier side, due to the technology development, you can hire a Landscape Designer online. There are professionals that strictly function online including taking the measurement using satellite imaging, as such you save on the hourly rates for Designer coming to meet with you and to measure your yard. As well, some of them have a predefined Landscape Design Packages, so there are no unpleasant surprises once the payment needs to take place. Take a look!  Hiring a Landscape Designer has never been more real

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